Friday, 18 January 2013

Grow Your Blog- Introduce yourself-

Hey there! So I guess it's time that whomever is reading this will get to know my name. My name is Sammyy. But! I call myself Acedia. Because I can usually never be bothered to do anything. Although I do “wake up” and get things done. Usually it is knitting and crocheting. And I am very determined to get all my projects finished. X/ You are welcome to call me by either name.
What I do here in my blog is mainly just Crocheting and Knitting.
I am still a little new to this. Because two years ago, I have gotten back into this. I have learned knitting from my stepfather's grandmother. And I taught myself crocheting. It is fun, and I enjoy them both.
I mainly use them for relieving my stress and if I need to think. Thought sometimes, I get frustrated in my project and tend to leave it. However, I am very eager to get all this going and having things to finish.
I am attending Collage Prep right now. And I am in my second semester. And next winter semester, I will be going in for my Vet Tech. And soon after that, I go back in to be a Livestock or a Large animal vet.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Progress made is time lost

All righty now. Day three of my project, ahh, I guess you can say that I am on row six out of twenty-two. BUT there are 237 stitches in all that I have to work through. Although, I've been working on it  whenever I've gotten the time. I had loads of time during the drive two and from Ashcroft. (A town about an hour and a half away.)

But I also started a new project this morning before noon. It has 71 55x55 squares. x.x But! I can get at least two or three done by tonight. As for the crochet though, I plan on doing that during homework. Also, I was looking at some other patterns and I saw this very neat and pretty and wearable pattern. Ahhh.. I think my girlfriend will love it.
In between all these I am writing some stories as well as doing my homework, as well as driving lessons. X/ Blah. But you know, getting all this homework done now will allow me to work faster on my projects. (And let me have a weekend off. Ahh~) I plan to get ahead in Math(what ever is left in math 0400 [I was told to fix a couple chapters and review for my exam. I was allowed to have an extentison... x.x], and starting on math 0500) and Biology 062. Since English 0500 and 0600, Human services, and Social science are "In Class" Courses, There will also be enough time for those as well.

Ahh, well enough of school talk, I intend to finish, Everything, I have started on. Ah, So I will post pictures of the finish projects and the patterns I've used or made for this Stocking(box) exchange with my girlfriend.
Anyways, now I shall go back to my projects.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Stocking(box) new projects.

Okay, so here we go.. Today I decided that a couple projects I've been doing was taking a little too long. And I am supposed to finish this by Jan.15th, 16th? :3 But you know, I found some easier and less complicated gifts for a stocking exchange.(Let's be honest, I'm still learning. *sweats*) But this one was really cool. And I really wanted to do it. (Ahem... So... I do not have a stocking for you. But It shall be in a festive box.) derp.
So this is one of them that I started. I am not saying what it is until she's gotten it. haha. 
As you see, I've had  a chocolate, and in the very back, some sparkling 
 grapefruit juice. WHICH by the way, sparked my need to do this. AS I realized that next week was deadline. Ahaa, Oh well. At least I have four other things finished for the stocking(box).

(I say box because I do not know how all of this would fit into a stocking honestly... u.u')
Mom asked me what a blog was. and I told her its a place where I talk about random crap. She said "You better not have me in there... or I'll kill you." Jokingly of course
and I said "Of course I have a blogged about you. I made you those cup sleeves for you right?" hahaaaaa...

anyways aside from that. blah, I had driving lessons tonight. But I am confident that my girlfriend will love what I put in the stocking (box).


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Coffe Cup Cozies + Patterns

Today I have done two different cup cozies for my mother. And she likes them. I've been trying to make stuff for a while now and finish what I was already working on.
But as you've seen I am very slow with updates, or rather right now at the moment, I am pretty lazy at times too. But since this is the new year. I am going to try and get things done faster... x.x And update more. haha
The blue one found here: Blue Cup Cozy
The Tri-colour one found here: Tri-colour Cup Cozy

One took me only fifteen minutes, and the other took about an hour. Watching Law & Order: Special Victims unit

I am feeling very crafty today.
Although, I am not as Diligent as my wonderful girlfriend. Ahhhh

Now I must go back to finish my stocking project.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

RavenClaw WIPS

Over the course of the summer, I've come really close to finishing this RavenClaw bag for Petra. It's a birthday gift. And the a couple of the times that I've almost finished it, I always found some new way that I think will improve it. And one time, two of my circular needles broke and then I was trying to finish it while doing double knitting on two straight needles. I finished the bag fortunately and was supposed to go to petras the following day after. I was so excited that I had it beside me so I could keep it safe while I slept.
My moms boyfriend put the puppy we got onto my bed, and I didn't know until I heard ripping noises. i wake up pissed off because there was Petra's birthday gift. ruined and i didn't have any circular needles to finish it.
So I wanted to try doing it by sides. which was faster, but I didn't like how I did it. "
now I'm doing it in a circular motion while double knitting. My aim is to be done by at least sometime in September. BEFORE my birthday.

SO HERE I GO. I'll be posting as many WIP'S as I can.

This is one out of three that I've taken. It took me some time to get used to the double knitting.

Here is two out of three that I've taken. I was getting there faster. Getting more used to it.

This is three out of three that I've taken. Eh... It was taken in the same day, but I was certainly getting somewhere fast. I'll post some more as soon as I can.