Tuesday, 11 February 2014

So What I've done the past few months.

Okay! So I know its been a while since I last updated this blog. So I have done some things while I wasn't updating this. (It's like been a year! Oh gods! I'm so sorry!!)
Anyways yeah. I have made some items to sell, which are currently up on ebay at the moment. I know they aren't cheap, but a lot of time and effort went into these items. And I'm very proud to have done them.
Just raising a little money to help around the house, its been a little tough because I quit my job to help with my very sick grandfather and because the job was so stressful, I ended up going to work really run down and sick. And of course to buy more yarn, but not because I am not running low.  It's because I like to have a selection. So here are the things that I made as gifts for Christmas for my family this past christmas. And some of them were for a baby shower not too long ago.

The Mitts can be found here: Two Tone Baby Mitts

The hat pattern can be found here: Cow hat pattern

This one was for my friends girlfriend.

This one is almost finished, I just have a row of squares left and the I add a warm lining. This was for my grandmother.
Pattern can be found here: (I will edit this post when I find the link)

For my little brother who likes Adventure time. 
Pattern can be found here: (I lost it, but I'll edit this post when I find it.)

This is the same as those other two pics. Links can be found under them.

Made for my mother.
Pattern can be found here:Granny Sqaure Slippers

Made for my dad.
Pattern can be found here: (See the link above.)

This Mofo was made for my friend. Whom made me a lovely bracer for my christmas/late birthday present. My gift to him took me 3 weeks. (I'll get a better picture off of him. I swear this scarf is like 5'8 feet long.
Pattern can be found here: Paul's "Sweet Guy" Scarf

Anyways, thats all I really have to say for now. Other than Great job to the pattern creators!!! All these patterns came out beautifully!!! And so breath taking! I wanted to keep all these lovely gifts to myself!!!

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