Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I am earning points to trade in for cash cards over at GiftHulk!!

Okay, so I know that I am supposed to be blogging about my knits and crochets. But I really want to get down to what I've been doing lately. As of late(as of late, I mean as of yesterday morning.), I have joined GiftHulk. A reward site where you do tasks and receive points in which you can exchange for prizes. Now, I set a pretty big goal for myself. I want a $50 paypal card(which is like 50,000 HC) **HC=Hulk Coins. And you know, I'm not doing too bad actually. Currently I am at 482 HC. I'd have more if I didn't take so many breaks from my laptop last night.
This site is easy and earning points is more simpler than what I usually earn on average over at swagbucks. I mean swagbucks is fun and easy too. But I can only go for so long before it drives me bonkers only earning maybe 2 SB in a span of 30 mins for a minimal task like playing a game, or watching vids.
With GiftHulk, I can probably earn way more in 30 minutes than I would normally earn on SB. I've sent some codes out so far to some family members (They are considering it. And I know my sister is planning on joining sometime today.) and I am slowly working my way into moving my promotions over to Tumblr. Maybe sometime this weekend coming up, when I have a lot more time on my hands.(I would today, but I have a lot of different appointments that I have to get too today.)

Here I will provide you with my link

Or you can go directly to the site and register with GiftHulk. From there you can enter my Code SP613804.

Now I am not going to twist your arm and say JOIN JOIN JOIN. If I was then I'd make a special sign just for this. And lets just say that it would be filled with so many "!!" that you'd think there still wasn't enough of them.
But honestly, I mean, you should really join though. I think it's fun and easy. And you would too! You wouldn't know unless you tried. Right?
You also get points for enlisting people to GiftHulk! Also, they have sweepstakes on cash cards as well! GiftHulk is also great for those people like me who need a way to afford their online spending habits. Because trust me, when I get paid, and I am at home. The money in my bank account disappears through e-check whenever I hit those stores.
Being a chronic spender, and a person who is usually online after hours, I find this to be perfect.
So why not join today?? I promise with my whole heart that it would be fun!!! And it would most definitely be worth the time spent on here.

((BY THE WAY, I have not been hacked, and this is actually me. If you need any proof of my on this site then I will definitely take a picture of my online with my yarns around me and on this site. If it was requested anyways. I'm just letting you know that this isn't a scam.))

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