Saturday, 5 January 2013

Coffe Cup Cozies + Patterns

Today I have done two different cup cozies for my mother. And she likes them. I've been trying to make stuff for a while now and finish what I was already working on.
But as you've seen I am very slow with updates, or rather right now at the moment, I am pretty lazy at times too. But since this is the new year. I am going to try and get things done faster... x.x And update more. haha
The blue one found here: Blue Cup Cozy
The Tri-colour one found here: Tri-colour Cup Cozy

One took me only fifteen minutes, and the other took about an hour. Watching Law & Order: Special Victims unit

I am feeling very crafty today.
Although, I am not as Diligent as my wonderful girlfriend. Ahhhh

Now I must go back to finish my stocking project.

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  1. beautiful cup cozies
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