Tuesday, 1 January 2013

RavenClaw WIPS

Over the course of the summer, I've come really close to finishing this RavenClaw bag for Petra. It's a birthday gift. And the a couple of the times that I've almost finished it, I always found some new way that I think will improve it. And one time, two of my circular needles broke and then I was trying to finish it while doing double knitting on two straight needles. I finished the bag fortunately and was supposed to go to petras the following day after. I was so excited that I had it beside me so I could keep it safe while I slept.
My moms boyfriend put the puppy we got onto my bed, and I didn't know until I heard ripping noises. i wake up pissed off because there was Petra's birthday gift. ruined and i didn't have any circular needles to finish it.
So I wanted to try doing it by sides. which was faster, but I didn't like how I did it. "
now I'm doing it in a circular motion while double knitting. My aim is to be done by at least sometime in September. BEFORE my birthday.

SO HERE I GO. I'll be posting as many WIP'S as I can.

This is one out of three that I've taken. It took me some time to get used to the double knitting.

Here is two out of three that I've taken. I was getting there faster. Getting more used to it.

This is three out of three that I've taken. Eh... It was taken in the same day, but I was certainly getting somewhere fast. I'll post some more as soon as I can.


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