Sunday, 13 January 2013

Progress made is time lost

All righty now. Day three of my project, ahh, I guess you can say that I am on row six out of twenty-two. BUT there are 237 stitches in all that I have to work through. Although, I've been working on it  whenever I've gotten the time. I had loads of time during the drive two and from Ashcroft. (A town about an hour and a half away.)

But I also started a new project this morning before noon. It has 71 55x55 squares. x.x But! I can get at least two or three done by tonight. As for the crochet though, I plan on doing that during homework. Also, I was looking at some other patterns and I saw this very neat and pretty and wearable pattern. Ahhh.. I think my girlfriend will love it.
In between all these I am writing some stories as well as doing my homework, as well as driving lessons. X/ Blah. But you know, getting all this homework done now will allow me to work faster on my projects. (And let me have a weekend off. Ahh~) I plan to get ahead in Math(what ever is left in math 0400 [I was told to fix a couple chapters and review for my exam. I was allowed to have an extentison... x.x], and starting on math 0500) and Biology 062. Since English 0500 and 0600, Human services, and Social science are "In Class" Courses, There will also be enough time for those as well.

Ahh, well enough of school talk, I intend to finish, Everything, I have started on. Ah, So I will post pictures of the finish projects and the patterns I've used or made for this Stocking(box) exchange with my girlfriend.
Anyways, now I shall go back to my projects.


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