Friday, 11 January 2013

Stocking(box) new projects.

Okay, so here we go.. Today I decided that a couple projects I've been doing was taking a little too long. And I am supposed to finish this by Jan.15th, 16th? :3 But you know, I found some easier and less complicated gifts for a stocking exchange.(Let's be honest, I'm still learning. *sweats*) But this one was really cool. And I really wanted to do it. (Ahem... So... I do not have a stocking for you. But It shall be in a festive box.) derp.
So this is one of them that I started. I am not saying what it is until she's gotten it. haha. 
As you see, I've had  a chocolate, and in the very back, some sparkling 
 grapefruit juice. WHICH by the way, sparked my need to do this. AS I realized that next week was deadline. Ahaa, Oh well. At least I have four other things finished for the stocking(box).

(I say box because I do not know how all of this would fit into a stocking honestly... u.u')
Mom asked me what a blog was. and I told her its a place where I talk about random crap. She said "You better not have me in there... or I'll kill you." Jokingly of course
and I said "Of course I have a blogged about you. I made you those cup sleeves for you right?" hahaaaaa...

anyways aside from that. blah, I had driving lessons tonight. But I am confident that my girlfriend will love what I put in the stocking (box).


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